Is there any girl out there who doesn’t fancy accessories!? As girls, jewellery is our first love. Some of us prefer traditional heavy one, while others go for experiments and fusions. We want to get noticed from head to toe and we can’t thank enough to these accessories to help us out. Whether it’s a pool party or cousin’s wedding, we find the jewellery accordingly and be the centre of attention. All eyes follow us and we’re at the top of the world. And with the high technology, we have everything at our fingertips. Be it online rings or toe rings, everything is available in a wide variety.

Here’s a list of 6 super pretty jewellery pieces for less than 500 bucks each-

1. Emerald Green With Envy

This traditional green ring is a great deal for you. Whether you wear it with any ethnic dress, it will look as gorgeous as it is. The pretty little white stones are making it worth to buy. You can get this beautiful ring in just 299 bucks.

2. Pretty Gold Chain

Anklets for women is an important jewel piece. But some girls out there do not believe in carrying heavy jewelleries. The simple and elegant gold chain necklace is an amazing accessory that should be in every girl's collection. They are exclusively available in just 450 bucks.